Pressure Washing Boulder

In order to keep your home safe, you have to look out for some of the household contaminants that could possibly develop. These can wreak havoc on any area of your home, and attachments like the driveway. Our goal is to help you understand the importance of power washing. So, today we're going to discuss the problems that can surface when contaminants sit around for extended periods of time.

Pressure Washing Boulder

1. Mold & Mildew - Every once in awhile we might forget about a tomato in the fridge and mold will begin to develop. Anytime we see this happening, the item gets thrown away. But what happens when mold spores hit a wet or damp spot in the basement or a leaky pipe? When this occurs it could create health problems for you and your family. This is especially true for people who have allergies.

Allergic reactions are common when mold is found, but you run the risk of dealing with worse issues if the situation isn't removed. In order to get rid of mold and mildew indoors, power washing cannot be used. However, in outdoor situations (e.g. around faucets, on wooden steps, etc.) calling a professional pressure washing company is the smart choice.

Eventually mold can destroy things it grow on, but with the proper prevention techniques the home can stay safe. Plus, spending the money on preventative maintenance upfront can alleviate some costly repairs or replacements in the future.

2. Dirt & Grime - Another potential problem that needs a good cleaning is dirt and grime around the exterior of the home. No matter how "neat" you are as a household, there are several elements that contribute to a dirty exterior. Just think about the list below:

* Sun
* Rain
* Snow
* Wind
* Moisture

Let’s say you decided to cut the grass at 10am. It still had a light cover of dew on it, so it ended up sticking to the side of the house, your white-partial fence in the back, and even some of the siding. Throughout the day the sun is beating down on your home with temperatures in the low-90s. Soon the grass has become hard and tends to be leaving a green discoloration on your white home.

Instead of calling up a professional Boulder power washing company, you just let it go. The hope is that eventually a nice rain will wash it away and everything will look normal. However, there is no guarantee these grass blades will fall off the siding. In fact, the blades stay on the siding most of the time. Now, there is a possibility you will try to power wash them yourself, but what happens is the paint starts to chip.

If this was taken care of early on, you wouldn't be dealing with the extra cost of repainting or touching up the side of the home. Sure grass blades aren't normally considered dirt and grime, but they do have dirt and grime on them, especially after being mowed over (think about underneath your mower). There are several areas that will accumulate dirt and grime, the point is; don't sit there and wait for something to happen. Go ahead and remove the problem now. It will definitely save you money over the long run.

3. Oil & Rust Stains

When you have a driveway, there is a good possibility oil and rust stains will eventually surface. You can't just drop a little bleach on them and hope they will disappear. It takes the expert knowledge from a professional power washing service to make your driveway look new again. The same holds true for oil stains or rust stains in your garage.

Forget about the so-called home remedies like cat litter, CLR, oils, and different scrubbing techniques. None of them can hold a candle to what pressure washing can offer. Keep in mind; pressure washing a driveway can become a nightmare if you don't know what you're doing. It's possible you could chip either one if the proper precautions are not taken. Those that stick with the professionals will be able to remove the frustration and possible headache from the situation.

4. Discolorations - Any discoloration on a home can make it look run down. It can also be a sign of algae, mold, and mildew present. When we normally think of discoloration, the first thing that comes to mind is vinyl siding. However, shingles, shutters, and various other exterior areas can become discolored, even front doors. A professional power washing team will already know the proper PSI to use on each area, and how far to keep the sprayer away from the location.

One of the tricks to power washing a discoloration is utilizing the proper chemicals. It's a tricky situation no matter what you're working with, but especially with wood. Homeowners with no prior experience with power washing are bound to make mistakes. Unfortunately these can be costly. In fact, we've seen people try to work on their own decks and then have to replace due to the damage they created.

5. Drainage Stains - Some basements and outside areas have drainage areas. When mold and mildew develop from moisture, they can look old in a hurry. They could start looking rusty and even start to show cracks over time. This can be overcome with a higher PSI and the right type of chemicals while pressure washing. A licensed professional can look at the type of drainage stain present and make the appropriate adjustments based on the material. They will be able to remove the drainage stains and keep everything looking like new.

Spray Away Pressure Washing Services Boulder, CO., with Professional Power Washing For Residential & Commercial Properties.

Pressure Washing Boulder

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